Yuh Better Werk It (Fitness)

Fitness isn’t really my thing… :-/

Sorry to break it to you – whether you’re eating vegan for health, ethical or various other reasons (or even if you aren’t eating vegan at all…) – fitness should be apart of your life. It’s apparently 80% diet and 20% fitness (….not sure if thats exactly 100% true but you get the idea.)
This page is to explore various types of fitness. I’ve tried a bunch of different types of fitness and styles of “work out” – but this is what I’m rocking with right now. 🙂 If you want more recommendations – just lemme know.

Yoga – a love story

I’ve been doing yoga on and off for about 5 years.  But let me back up to my “origins” – I was the opposite of an active, sporty kid. But – I always enjoyed gymnastics. I was fortunate to be able to attend gymnastics on and off through out my youth and also did some cheerleading. I’m going somewhere with this!
After high school – there wasn’t much opportunity to continue (gymnastics or cheerleading). I found a couple of drop in classes here in Edmonton, but since I don’t drive, it was a real hassle getting to and getting back from the gym. I wanted to be able to keep my flexibility and also gain new skills.
I had done yoga in the past – but I didn’t really know a whole lot about it. So off to youtube/the internets I went. I found a few great flows on youtube – and went from there.
Not only do I get to continue expanding my flexibility and “cool moves” – but I get in touch with my true self, body and spirit and get a good work out while I’m at it.
Also –  the availability of free yoga online is very attractive to me. (I much prefer working out at home.)There are quite a few different types of yoga – my favorites are ashtanga and kundalini.

As of September 2015 – I am currently doing the “90 day Yoga Fix” – created by Leslie Fightmaster. She is a great resource! The program is a mix of all kinds of yoga – hatha, flow/ashtanga, yin, etc. Definitely worth checking out!
Check out my post on why doing yoga is a great way to detox and more about its other various benefits!

Pilates + Cardio – What’s Stacking and why does it work?

Stacking is basically pairing a bunch of work outs together (I use a youtube playlist) and doing them in a sequence. I am no pro- but I try to start with a cardio warm up, and then mix up a bit of cardio, then a body part (typically pilates, Tabata or HIIT), then a bit more cardio, then either the same body part + another one, and so on. This can be done really anyway – I would recommend though that you always start + end with cardio – it’s like it seals the deal.

Stacking works because it gets your body confused – never do the same order twice, or at least not twice in a row. Most popular fitness routines follow the same method, and to be honest, since I’ve done most of them, I got the idea from them, but then customized it with Blogilates, Cardio (right now I’m doing BodyRock aka dailyhiit.com) and yoga.

Here is an example of a routine I organized. It was a toughie!


As I’m sure you can tell – I adore pop pilates + Cassey’s whole youtube channel. Her work outs are made to be stacked…she even stacks them herself and puts out calendars – which is great. Here are a few links to get you started.

A quick and effective full body work out – in just 17 mins.

Pop HIIT work out – “Flat Belly Fat Burner” – 13 minutes + go!

“Beach Ready Butt Work Out” – Approx 5.5 minutes of butt burning work. This is honestly one of my favorite work outs to add in to my schedule/list.