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You may be wondering – what is veganism? How does it all work?

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Vegan = healthy?

A lot of people assume veganism is a path to health and well-being. Though this can be true, there are many vegan food options available that are definitely not healthy, and potentially processed (we’re talking mac & cheese, fried vegan chick’n, ben & jerry’s ice cream, etc.) A better path to health would be plant based, which basically means eating plants and whole foods. Vegan food can certainly be processed. Health aside, veganism is certainly a great option not just for one’s wellness, but for the environment, animal welfare concerns, and many more reasons.

Is veganism for everyone?

Veganism certainly can be for everyone! All it takes is a bit of research and knowledge about your body and it’s needs. How active are you? Do you have any health conditions? (eg. Diabetes, etc.) Veganism is definitely possible for any health condition or ailment – but it is imperative you educate yourself about what your body needs.

What are the dangers of a vegan diet?

A person who is starting a vegan diet will often lack in a few essential vitamins and minerals the first few months, often times because they are unfamiliar with their options, and are also perhaps unfamiliar with how to pair veggies, fruits, grains and legumes to obtain optimal health. I recommend when starting out to take an iron supplement and perhaps some vitamin b12. (I am definitely no pro, and again recommend you take the time to do some research.)

What is the difference between vegetarianism and veganism?

To summarize, veganism is 0 animals products and by-products. We’re talking no milk, eggs, cheese, fish, honey, etc. Vegetarianism has many facetsĀ and is hard to put into one category (ovo-lacto vegetarians consume eggs and milk, but no meat or fish, pescatarians consume fish, etc.) Vegetarian definitely means no conventional meat (ie. beef, lamb, chicken, etc.), but their by-products may or may not be consumed.

If you want a more detailed description – check out my post dissecting various “diets” often mentioned in conjunction with veganism (including vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.)

What about gluten-free?

Gluten free is often time grain free. This has no bearing on animals. Often time, a meat dish is gluten free. Though there are gluten free vegans/vegetarians, the term gluten-freeĀ does not mean the person is also meat free.

What are some good reasons to go vegan?

If you’ve ever had a pet you’ve cared about, are tired of being sick and tired, care about the environment, are tired of dieting, and/or want a better appearance overall, perhaps veganism might be something you should try!

Some Steps to Veganism

  1. Do your research. What does your body need? What ailments do you currently suffer from? How active are you?
  2. Get a good recipe board going.
    Besides my recipes here, pinterest will be your best friend. Pin recipes to a board for future reference – as I have here. I have done this since I went vegan, and it has really helped!
  3. Watch a few documentaries to remind yourself why you’re taking this journey. If you’re considering veganism, there is obviously a reason why. I recommend watching Forks Over Knives. If you have a strong stomach, try Earthlings. It will really put things into perspective for you.
  4. Try a meatless Monday! An easy step to veganism (or vegetarianism) is to try one day a week sans meat. For those who have never gone a day without meat, this may seem challenging, but with some preparation, this can be very easy (see step 2). I have a boat load of recipes for main dishes, breakfasts and snacks, Juices & smoothies, and much more. Click the type of recipe you want to see all the recipes in said category.
  5. Follow some vegans on social media. Facebook and Instagram are great places to start. I am obviously on both (and would greatly appreciate your support on either platform), but besides myself, there are obviously tons of fantastic vegans that are definitely work checking out! Seeing vegan options and how great veganism can be is really great to help you stay on the path., Plantiful Blonde, Fully Raw Kristina and Freelee The Banana Girl are a few of my favorites.
  6. Enjoy a cruelty-free Friday! Once you are comfortable with one day a week, try two days. Increasing slowly is great to ease in if you’re feeling worried or nervous about your transition. I personally just went “cold turkey” and cut it out altogether, but not a lot of people are able to do this, so take your time.
  7. Don’t be afraid to tell your friends/family of your transition.Ā 
    Anyone that loves you and is in their right mind will be accepting of your new lifestyle. Often time, they will be confused on what “vegan” means, and will still offer you meat products. They may even make rude jokes, awkward comments, and other things that seem unsupportive. Don’t be annoyed or irritated, they are just unaware. Take that time to educate them and share your experiences and knowledge with them. They care for you, and if you care for them, surely you’d want to spread the good word! It takes time for people to understand, so don’t be discouraged if they initially shoot you down. Living by example is the best way for your friends/family to see how great veganism can really be!
  8. Keep in mind that veganism is not a diet, but is a lifestyle.Ā 
    A lot of people will go vegan for 30 days, 22 days, etc. That is great and all, but in order to obtain lasting benefits for your health and the planet, it is important to understand that you cannot just complete a challenge and expect the benefits to keep rolling in. Depending on how much you consumed meat/animal by-products prior to transitioning, the full benefits could not be realized for months. Don’t give yourself an end date. That leaves your brain with the expectation that you can reward yourself at the end, often time with something that is counter productive (a cheese burger, fried chicken, etc.)

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