Who is this?

Before we go any further – say the above sentence in this way. <– a video link that is HILARIOUS.


Now that that is out of the way;
My name is Samantha – usually referred to as “Sammmm”.
I read an article earlier today that most people have trouble reading large blocks of text online and/or on a screen – and in turn tend to skim.

I’ll keep it brief and maybe distract you with some photos of stuff.

Anyways – I’ve been a mostly vegan eater since 2012. My occasional weakness is cheese – maybe someday you’ll learn of my deep personal affiliation with the addictive jerk that is cheese. But I digress… I rarely cook with cheese – so seeing it on this site should be pretty darn rare.  I also try to avoid gluten – my stomach just doesn’t like it – but it’s a mild dislike… Most recipes, etc. are gluten free – unless stated otherwise….

I enjoy cooking – but rarely have time to cook huge, elaborate meals.

I really enjoy eating and listening to/taking care of my body. I used to have all kinds of problems relating to my health – a great deal due to lack of proper eating habits. I was such a picky eater, have battled multiple eating disorders and almost always refused to try new things – especially if they were healthy. I still don’t like certain foods (*cough* mushrooms *cough*) but I am definitely no where near the person I used to be – I get further away each and every day.

Mortar + Pestle - VVremixes.com

Yay!  A picture!  Cool! Far out!

My plan here is to post a bunch of stuff that I have made – some of my own, some outsourced and remixed (with references of course), as well as maybe some random health/fitness stuff.

I am hoping this becomes less about me and more about you. Take care of yourself! Thank your body for working well enough to wake up this morning. Have a glass of water, throw on some dancehall music + make yourself some damn food.  Be your own inspiration.

Stay alkaline friends! 😀

Why remixes? Do you DJ?

Nope – I don’t. I chose remix because recipe was too specific and it’s a lot easier to spell than my 2nd option – “rhapsodies”.  Also – I have a hard time following recipes exactly so I figure it’s the cooking equivelent to a remix. Or maybe I’m just not as cool as I think I am…. either way, on a side note – no one likes a smartass. Also – I enjoy music.

If you wanna know what I’m jamming to – check out the “jamz to get jazzed to” section of my site! It’s updated monthly, and includes a playlist for easy access! 🙂

 Other honorable mentions…Spices + Stuff - VVremixes.com

Also – if you see something on my page and don’t feel you have given proper linkage/mention and/or would appreciate the removal of your inspiration/recipe please let me know! More than happy to oblige! 😀

Also – if you use one of my personal recipes – please do as mentioned above – a link will suffice. Fair is fair.


On a final note, Treat others as you would like to be treated!!! 


I feel like I should have a disclaimer even though I don’t know what to disclaim… :-/ I will say this though – I am not a doctor. I can only speak for myself when it comes to talking about health and nutritional benefits. Listen to your body and if you’re not feeling right – ask questions and get some help from a trainer professional!

If you’d like to say something – now’s your chance!


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