Gin-Gins Arjuna Ginger Bar – Tue-Review

Candy and I go way way back. I used to practically live on the stuff. As I’ve progressed on my journey to health – my candy indulgence certainly isn’t what it used to be. That being said, I certainly do indulge – but definitely not on the same stuff. Most candy is loaded with questionable chemicals, gelatin (definitely not vegan), car wax, and artificial ingredients, colours, and the list goes on.

To a candy crazed addict, the healthier choices may not taste exactly the same, but knowing what exactly I’m eating goes a lot further than the initial taste for me.

I first discovered ginger as a candy at my local cafe and store The Wired Cup, with a brand called “Chimes”.

Fast forward a year and a bit later, my fiancé and I were at our local organic grocer, Earth’s General Store, and decided to give this bar a try. Without further ado, here’s my review of this ginger-y treat!

Gin-Gins Arjuna Ginger Bar


  • The taste is pretty good – more black licorice than candied ginger though.
  • Nice packaging.
  • Ethical company.
  • Organic product.

  • Tough to take a bite out of. It’s sugared ginger, so it’s definitely rough on the teeth. I’d recommend just cutting it up into pieces.
  • Sort of expensive. I don’t recall the price, but definitely not comparable with the candied ginger that come in pieces.
  • The taste is not as good as the chews.
  • If the bar has been sitting a while, it turns almost rock hard.
  • The package doesn’t re-seal.

Verdict: 3 stars – good but not as good as the other options out there.

Don’t get me wrong – I have nothing against Gin-gins the brand – they make some great pieces/chews. I just don’t like the bar sizing.

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Please note I have not received any compensation for this review. It is 100% my opinion and nothing else.

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