Organize and Santize Your Pantry – De-Clutter Your Life Fridays

Welcome to the sixth entry in a series of posts titled “De-Clutter Your Life”.

But it’s this is not just any series, it’s a series of challenges! I have decided there will be a total of 8 challenges, so by the end of February – we will already be feeling pretty cleared up. When spring cleaning rolls around, you’ll already be ahead of the game!

It’s not your typical yoga pose or squat challenge either, though it might require some interesting poses/techniques to get things done. 😉

I will be posting a new challenge every Friday. Take one hour a week to complete the challenge and you’ll be amazed how free you feel after just a few weeks! Heck, even one week is better than nothing at all. 😉

If you took part in last week’s challenge, I hope your fridge and freezer are looking tidy and spacious!

This week, we’ll tackle another area in the kitchen – the pantry/food cupboards.

Now Let’s De-clutter Our… Pantry!

You’ll need some floor space and a couple of garbage bags (or a garbage bag and a bag for recyclables). You may also want to invest in some resealable containers to store certain items in (ex. flour, sugar, rice, etc.) This is optional.

  • As with most of my posts, since we’re organizing, we may as well clean. Take everything out of the pantry and wipe it down!
  • Eliminate all garbage and recyclables (in my case, it was a lot of empty granola bar boxes and some dried fruit from ??)
  • It’s best to sort things into categories – ie. nuts and dried fruit, cereals, snacks (granola bars, chips), canned goods, starches (rice, noodles), potatoes, etc. Place/restock items into the resealable containers if you’re going that route.
  • Restock the shelves with said categories in mind. Ensure everything is contained and nothing is leaking/open.
  • Repeat for all areas in your kitchen that you store non-refrigerated goods.

Added Benefits: 

  • Easier to locate your most used goods
  • Cleaner environment
  • More Space (for more stuff?)

Originally posted February 5/16.


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