Clear out Your Fridge/Freezer – De-Clutter Your Life Fridays

Welcome to the fifth entry in a series of posts titled “De-Clutter Your Life”.

But it’s this is not just any series, it’s a series of challenges! When spring cleaning rolls around, you’ll already be ahead of the game!

It’s not your typical yoga pose or squat challenge either, though it might require some interesting poses/techniques to get things done. 😉

I will be posting a new challenge every Friday. Take one hour a week to complete the challenge and you’ll be amazed how free you feel after just a few weeks! Heck, even one week is better than nothing at all. 😉

To be a good example and to “practice what I preach”, I will be taking part in each week’s challenge and will be sharing my results via my various social media platforms (instagram & Facebook).

If you took part in last week’s challenge, I hope you found some space in your multi-media collection!

Now Let’s De-clutter Our… Fridge/Freezer!

  1. First off – get a couple of garbage bags – you’ll probably need them.
  2. Start on the fridge first. Clear out the door(s) completely, and give ’em a wash down.
  3. Sort the items in your fridge into three categories…
    * Throw out
    * Give away
    * Put back
    Some examples: Throw out all of the expired stuff, give away the jam that you just aren’t eating (someone else might appreciate Grandma’s jam!), and put the stuff you’re still planning to use back.
  4. Follow the same steps for each section of your fridge, including washing each section.
  5. If you keep newspaper in your crisper (I keep it as a liner/excess water absorber) – replace this paper!
  6. Now for the freezer.
    Follow the same process, with the exception of full-on washing. Wash the door(s), but only spot clean the inside of the freezer if required. If there are removable sections, take them out of the freezer prior to cleaning, and allow them to dry before replacing in the freezer.
    I have the freezer door and the freezer itself. If you have sections, I would suggest working in sections so you can keep the freezer closed as much as possible.
  7. Lastly, remove all things from the front of your fridge and give it a wash down, including the sides of the doors, under the door, etc.

    And that’s that!

Added benefits:

  • Your favorite items will now be much easier to find!
  • Opportunity to organize to your liking
  • Cleaner environment for your food
  • More space

Hope you enjoyed this weeks post – and look forward to seeing you on Monday! 🙂
Originally posted January 29/16.

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