Apple Music – Tue-Review

The following is an embarrassing, but true story…
When I was a teenager I thought having a tattoo that said “music is my life” all fancy was something that just seemed like such a perfect, fitting idea for me. I love to dance, but I don’t play any instruments (well enough to mention at least), cannot read music, and can’t really sing either. Luckily, I didn’t invest in the idea enough to go through with it (probably because I realized listening to music is not actually my life [and I was just being dramatic], though a substantial part), but I will say that music is something that is near and dear to my heart. It helps remind me of things/people/places in my life, de-stress, get jazzed up, and is a way I connect with people.

I’ve also been a fan of apple products for a long time. This new service/product they offer enables me to do all of those things easily and seamlessly. But like all technology, it is not perfect.

Here’s what I (honestly) have to say about Apple Music.

Apple Music Subscription Streaming Service


  • 3 Month Free Trial (from what I’ve seen on other  apps, they typically offer 30-60 day trials)
  • Price comparable to other streaming providers (Tidal, Spotify, Google Music, etc.)
  • Access to Beats One Radio, a great resource for finding new songs and just jamming! Another great feature of beats one radio is the ability to view the songs played during the show in a playlist format. This makes it easy to identify and add songs to your music.
  • Ability to listen to anything!
  • Exclusive content
  • Ability to take songs offline (for when you’re off wifi), and likewise the ability to try stuff out without having to add it to your music.
  •  Access to all kinds of playlists, suitable for any occasion or mood
  • Ability to share your playlists with anyone who subscribes to apple music.

  • Takes over your music library completely. If you have a song that is not available via apple, it will either remove the song or make it that you have to find it again. It will also take over the album art.
  • If you sign out, get ready for some trouble. Signing out means having to have the device find all of the music and put it back into your library. If this happens and you are not on a wifi connection – you will have 0 access to any music that is not “offline”. You could in theory turn on the data for this, but depending on how many songs you want to hear/how far away you are from having a wifi connection, as that could rip through your data.
  • Like any other streaming service, I assume once you stop paying you will lose everything. I haven’t had to address this problem, though I am not looking forward to the day (as I don’t plan on dropping 10$ a month for the rest of my life!)
  • You cannot play on two devices on the same account. (if you’re jamming on the computer and you go to play something on your phone, CUT OFF!)

Verdict: An amazing world class service worth checking out. 4.75 stars! 5 stars if you never have to sign out!

I’ve had apple music since July 2015 (sometime in or around there) and I LOVE it. I’ve always been a huge music fan, I think this service has kicked it up a notch (and that’s pretty tough to do!) Not only that, but it has saved me time (I no longer have to spend time cleaning up album art, etc.), effort (finding new songs is now done in a much more fun way!), and money (1.29 a song adds up!)
I’ve even convinced my fiancé to also join since he has seen the level of access and overall positive experience I have had.
If you like music, try it free for 3 months! You can’t afford not to. 😀

Just a heads up – the section of my website “Jamz to get Jazzed to” as of January will always feature a link to the monthly playlist on apple music so you can vibe with me! 🙂

Streaming music services are fairly new concept, but if you like music at all, they are certainly worth checking out! Even if you aren’t interested in apple music, there are many other options available (Spotify, Google Music, Tidal, etc.)

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Please note I have not received any compensation for this review. It is 100% my opinion and nothing else.

Originally posted February 2/16.

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