Why you should stop weighing yourself – Why Wednesday

scale-ww2_zpsxr8tlirqPlease note – this is a subject that is very near to my heart. I have had problems with disordered eating since I was 11 years old. Though I am doing much better now, it is a voice that never fully goes silent.
I dedicate this “Why Wednesday” to all who have ever struggled with eating. May you get to a healthy place.

Please note:  I’d like to think that it is pretty obvious I do not think like a typical person – this does not mean you can criticize or treat me as I am less for the way I think (or perhaps have previously thought.)

We can never understand other people’s thoughts or put ourselves in other people’s “shoes”. Please remember this. 🙂

Weight simply doesn’t matter. It’s a number that you are using to compare yourself to previous times in your life, or even worse, others. Even if you are overweight, paying attention to the number on the scale will not get you anywhere faster. It is the hobbies and food you put into your body that matters. Period. There is no magic pill, magic weight, or magic diet. Hard work, dedication, and long-term effort are the only way.

We’ve all thought or even said the following sentences aloud

  • “I want to get back to my size _______ days!”
  • “When I weighed ____ lbs I was happier”
  • “I haven’t weighed ____ lbs since I was ___ yrs old!”
  • “I can’t believe she weighs/wears the same (size) as I do! She looks so much ________ (better/worse) than I do.”

A few reasons the number on the scale doesn’t matter….

  • You can lose inches, but gain weight based on adding muscle mass.
  • Depending on the time of month, or your food intake, you may be retaining up to ten pounds of water weight.
  • Ever cleansed your body? You could be carrying around 10+ lbs of waste in your colon, bowel, etc.


A common way to measure one’s “health” is using a BMI – or a body mass index reading. It takes your height and weight and pumps out a number, which is then compared to the scale (an average taken among many large sample groups, from what I gather).

This is laughable – and I’ll explain why.

When I was about 17 years old, as part of a school project, I had everyone in my class measure their BMI.
The most fit guy in my class (who also happened to be about 5’7-5’9 ish) was classified as obese on the BMI scale. OBESE!I couldn’t even see an inch of fat on this guy. Though the project was to illustrate what it’s like living with an eating disorder, this exercise really illustrated how ridiculous it is to care about an external number.

I can’t speak for everyone – but I am sooner to take things too far than stay within “acceptable” – ie. I like to take things too far.

Some people can step on a scale once a week, feel nothing, record the results in a notebook and move on.. though I have never met anyone like this.  I found myself dreading the “scale step”, and would guilt myself over the smallest indulgences. If I liked the number (which was rare), I quickly forgot all of my “failures” and decided I was worthy of praise and positivity, but only until the next time I “screwed up”. If I didn’t like the number (almost always), I would restrict, resent and feel rotten. This is not healthy behavior, nor should anyone be doing the same things to themselves. If you are, just know you aren’t alone.

I prefer to save myself the disappointment and frustration associated with weighing myself. I have come to the realization that I will never like the number on the scale. EVER. If I weighed in at 110 lbs (which is NOT a thing for my frame), I would want to then go down to 105. I instead have decided it’s best if I avoid the scale altogether.

I can tell if I’ve lost or gained weight based on my clothes. If they don’t fit, there’s a problem. That being said, I have realized I am the one in control of my weight, not my emotions, disordered thoughts or other people. if I don’t like what I see, it is something only I can change with time and patience.

As long as I eat healthy (for the most part, no one is perfect!) and exercise regularly, I don’t have too much of a problem with a bunch of excess weight (I’m talking more than a 10 lb fluctuation).

Be yourself now!
If your scale broke, you could still live life, take care of your body, and love yourself (if anything it would be a lot easier without the scale!)

My promises to you (and myself!)
Feel free to share this with friends, or post this in a high-visibility area of your home/office to remind yourself. 

  • I will never post my weight anywhere, not even on the scale. I am more than a body and a number on a scale. Plus,  I am not a fan of promoting myself in that way.
  • I will never share body progress pics. My body is my business (no offense).
  • I will not compare myself to other people, nor will I engage in “fitspo/thinspo”.
  • I will continue to live as healthy a lifestyle as I can, though will not beat myself up if I indulge, even if it’s way more than I should have.
  • I will treat my body with the respect and dignity it deserves.
  • I promise to love myself always.

If after reading this you feel like you could use some support, you are always welcome to reach out to me via social media, or even in the comments section below. I’m always happy to listen without judgment, and not to toot my own horn, but I’ve been told I’m great at “being there” for someone.

If not, write it down! Call a friend! Anything that feels good. 🙂

Just one more thing – I said it once but I’ll say it again just to drive the point home – “There is no magic pill, magic weight, or magic diet. Hard work, dedication and long-term effort are the only way.”

Originally posted January 6/16.

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