Why you should start colouring again! – Why Wednesdays

I remember as a kid, I would spend hours upon hours colouring, drawing, expressing myself via various art forms.
As I got older, and especially once I finished school, my access to art supplies was limited. I wasn’t making very much money, and spending my dollars on art supplies didn’t seem like a wise decision, nor did it even dawn on me, to be honest. I was too busy paying rent, bills, and various other adult purchases.

When I was around 20 years old, I was working as a nanny and also at a day-care. I saw the calmness and self-expression that came out of those children whilst colouring, or doing other various forms of art, and it was beautiful. To be honest, I got a bit envious and wanted to be able to do the same and feel the same (while I wasn’t “working”) so I went and I bought some markers, pencil crayons and a good pack of paper.

Though I haven’t been consistent, expressing myself through art has been, and still is one of my favourite ways to de-stress and “get the creative juices flowing” through out the years.


There’s a new trend that has emerged in the past couple of years – adult colouring books.

I coloured this one to my left on an app on my iPad mini.


Colouring books are especially great for the following reasons:

  • Ease of access (available almost everywhere, including online & via various apps).
    Anywhere that sells books will most likely also sell colouring books. They may not be adult options, but it will still be fun. You can also find a massive amount online (amazon.com is a great place to start). If you’re looking for a paperless way to get in on the fun, there are quite a few great apps that can be coloured via the app. There are also apps that allow you to print the designs so you can get your colour on right away (for free!).
  • If you aren’t good at drawing, you can still have a good time. 
    Colouring can be challenging, but it does not take the skill level required to draw something that is fun to colour.
    I really enjoy drawing, but can honestly say drawing any of the mandalas present in this article seems a bit daunting. (Note: I have never tried to draw a mandala, but boy are they fun to colour!)
  • Not a lot of supplies are required. 
    Get a good pack of markers and crayons (or just one). My markers are crayola super tips, 20 pk. Nothing fancy, cost me about 7$. My pencil crayons, also crayola, are a 24 pack, and cost me about 5$. Other than the book itself, thats it! Though I enjoy painting, the idea of buying a bunch of paint and canvasses seem a bit much in comparison with colouring.
  • Inexpensive to start and to continue. 
    If you buy a decent pair of markers and/or pencil crayons, they’ll last for ages. There are so many printable colouring pages available online, or if you’re using an app, that too makes for endless possibilities.
  • Easy to revisit. 
    If you’re half way done a painting, it’s not going to be easy to walk away from it, for any amount of time. The beauty of colouring books is if you have to put it down to attend to more important matters, it is very easy to pick up where you left off. Though creativity is required, colouring does not require the same consistent level (in my opinion) as drawing or painting.
  • Great “Gateway” for other art endeavours. 
    Once you experience the benefits for yourself, you may want to progress in to other various forms of artistic expression. Follow your heart!

So yeah, they’re great, but what are the benefits?
Please note that these are some of the benefits that I have personally experienced. 

  • Improved coordination/motor functions
  • Feeling more creative overall
  • Better focus
  • It’s FUN!
  • Feeling of peace and relaxation while colouring
  • Lower stress and levels of anxiety
  • Helps keep oneself present in the now
  • If you have children/know children, it’s a great way to bond!

I coloured all of the photos present in this post on my ipad mini via an app on the app store called “Adult Colouring“. It was really fun, and I think they look really cool!


So what are you waiting for? Get colourin’! 😀

Originally posted December 16/15.

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