Using Your Breath For Change – Why Wednesday

Your breath is truly a life force. Having control over it can be challenging, frustrating, tiring, and rewarding. Everyone knows how to breathe to life, but truly being able to control it is something most don’t know how to do, nor are even aware of.

A man named Wim Hof, who holds 20 Guinness World Record, uses his breath to be able to withstand extreme temperatures for long periods of time.

Though he may seem supernatural, we all hold this ability within. With practice and time, we can all achieve greatness!

No matter our goal, whether it may be anxiety control, relaxation, digestion assistance, or overall health (or whatever else!), our breath can help us on our path to well-being.

Try these breath techniques to get a taste! 

Please note: You may think breathing in a certain way is easy if you’ve never tried it, but think again! The first few might be easy, but the longer you continue, the more difficult it becomes. Don’t set yourself up for failure with a cocky attitude. Be humble and don’t be afraid to screw up. It doesn’t matter how many times you have to re-start, the most important thing is that you do not give up!

To Relax (Beginner)
Before bed:
Repeat a two-part mantra, silently, in your mind, that is aligned with your breath.
Repeat for ten complete breaths.

  • A good one to try “restful sleep, peaceful dreams”, or make one up that fits your current situation.

Once you’re able to complete the aforementioned exercise, try

  • (Inhale) I am grateful for (Exhale) ___________________ . (Repeat for ten complete breaths)

Being gracious, and practicing being grateful for things in your life (especially done with your breath in the way mentioned about and long-term) will train your mind to think quickly (you can’t hold your breath while you think of an answer) and to think positively. Positivity is another key to good health. 🙂

Another one to try

  • (Inhale) Health is… (Exhale) _________________________. (Repeat for ten complete breaths)

Your on the spot answers might surprise you!

To get things moving internally: (Advanced)
Please note: Until you have mastered the relaxation practices, please DO NOT attempt breath of fire. If you suffer from anxiety, please note that if you are not in control of your breath, it could trigger a mild panic attack. Please please PLEASE do not attempt if you are unable to control your breath. If you start to feel light headed or extra anxious, please stop immediately. Also, if you are pregnant or are on your ladies vacation, please wait until you are no longer to attempt.

Breath of fire

To be honest, it is much easier to show rather than to explain. Please see the video below for a demo.

Benefits of breath practice (The why component)

  • Ability to tune into calmness with ease
  • Realization and acknowledgment of the present moment
  • Improved mood
  • Mental Clarity
  • Better sleep
  • Expanded Lung Capacity

These are just a few benefits that I have personally experienced.

Another way to get your breath practice in is yoga!
Yoga is a practice that involves linking your breath with movement, which I can’t say enough good about! 🙂


Best Breath Practices: 5 Energizing Pranayama Techniques.

Originally posted December 23/15.

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