Tue-Review – Hem Incense

Incense is a beautiful, healthy and powerful way to cleanse the air in your home (or wherever). Plus. It is much better on your body than typical methods of freshening the air (aerosol cans, those little plug-ins, etc. are toxic, and should be avoided at all costs! There is no benefit to using these in your home – that “smell” actually reeks havoc on your body).
But it’s not just the smell that is attractive, there are health benefits too! Using incense can also help alleviate depression, ease anxiety and worry. I can say this is true as I have experienced it first-hand. 🙂

I have tried quite a few different brands of incense, but nothing has worked better for me than Hem brand.
The intensity of the scents can be smelled before you even open the package, which is a good sign. And that’s just the beginning…

Hem Incense Sticks


  • Cost (reasonably priced)
  • Even burn
  • Long Lasting
  • Easy to find (available at most health food stores, gem shops, etc.)
  • Huge variety of aromas
  • Strong and long lasting (still lingers hours later)
  • Different styles/types offered – (ie. Sticks, Dhoop Sticks And Cones.)
  • Cruelty & Chemical Free

  • Not a lot of information about sourcing/ethical treatment of workers. (though part of their values statement is “Ethical practices.”
Final Verdict: A must have! 4.75/5 stars
This would be a full five stars if I were able to find out a bit more about the source and ethical treatment of their employees/workers. Otherwise, this incense brand is the best bang for your buck, and is worth every dollar!
Available pretty readily, both in person and online.

Check out Hem online!

Originally posted December 15/15.

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