Fabletics, An Athletic Clothing and Accessories E-retailer – Tue-Review

I love work out clothes. They are comfy, versatile, and can make a work out go from good to great!
That being said, sometimes finding good quality work out clothing can be expensive, and frustrating. Different sizing, fits, lengths, colours…. sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming.

I’m the type that will spend extra money on quality products. I look at it from a cost per use standpoint. If I am able to get 50 wears out of something that cost me 40$, that’s only 80 cents a wear, where as something cheap (15$) that gets me 7 wears before it’s ripped or worn out ends up costing 2.14$ a wear. Get me?

I tried lululemon – their pants don’t fit my shape properly, their hoodies are too short for my torso, and to be honest, the price tags scare me a bit.
Winners usually has a decent selection, but the quality and fit are definitely hit or miss.

I saw an ad on facebook for fabletics – and though I had signed up for justfab (the parent company that sells shoes), I had never ordered from them. I am not a huge shoe person, and the idea of getting new shoes every month threw me off.
I browsed through the fabletics site – and when I realized how many great pieces they had, I couldn’t resist.
I filled out the short questionnaire, got my picks, and placed my order.
My first purchase was at my door less than a week later.
The quality of the merchandise speaks for itself.  I have ordered from fabletics.ca 5 times now, and have not regretted a single purchase.



  • Ethical business practices
  • Vegan products (from what I’ve seen)
  • Large Selection
  • Introductory Pricing
  • Good quality products
  • Well-fitting garments
  • Good black Friday sale
  • Ships from Canada (no brokerage fees!)
  • Reasonable shipping cost
  • Reviewing items allows you to collect points towards future purchases
  • Points add up to free merchandise – though collecting points to get anything worthwhile will probably take a long time if you don’t buy an outfit every month.

  • After the introductory pricing, it can get expensive.
  • If you don’t hit “skip this month” before the 5th of the month, your credit card gets hit with about 50$.
    Plus, if that happens, you cannot use the credit toward outfits, but instead only single pieces.
  • Customer service on the phone was friendly but totally unhelpful and unknowledgeable.
  • Prices are in USD, which with the exchange rate, can really add up (and make for a shocking credit card charge that was way more than you thought it’d be.)
    If you’re ordering from Canada – do yourself a favour and google “USD TO CAD” and find out a somewhat accurate estimate of what your order will really cost.

Final Verdict:  Worth Checking Out – 3.5 Stars!
Worth checking out for the great products, but if you aren’t paying attention and forget to hit “skip this month”, they will not refund you the money, nor can you use that money towards an “outfit” – you have to use it towards single pieces, which can get a bit pricy. Suddenly your $50 doesn’t go as far, and you end up having to shell out more money…
So to wrap it up, if you are careful, it is worthwhile, but if you are forgetful – it might be worth unsubscribing shortly after you get your first outfit.

Check out fabletics.com to see what all the hubbub is about. 🙂

Please note I have not received any compensation for this review. It is 100% my opinion and nothing else.

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December 22/15.

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