De-Clutter Your Life Fridays – Your Facebook Friends List

Welcome to the second part in a series of posts titled “De-Clutter Your Life”.

But it’s this is not just a series, it’s a challenge!

It’s not your typical yoga pose or squat challenge either, though it might require some interesting poses/techniques to get things done. 😉

I will be posting a new challenge every Friday. Take one hour a week to complete the challenge and you’ll be amazed how free you feel after just a few weeks! Heck, even one week is better than nothing at all. 😉

To be a good example and to “practice what I preach”, I will be taking part in each week’s challenge and will be sharing my results via my various social media platforms (instagram & Facebook).

If you took part in last week’s challenge, I hope you had fun, felt empowered and maybe even learned something new.

This week is all about Facebook, and/or any other social media hub that has a friends list. If you’re like me, your various lists contain a fair amount of diverse people that you may or may not know, that may have been recently added, or perhaps were there since you got the account in the first place.

Last year, I touched on social media briefly in my series “How to Detox Everyday” (read here), but I wanted to make it more personal than just celebrities.
Let’s be honest – there are probably people on your friends list that you don’t give a shit about, for many possible reasons.
Perhaps they don’t share the same humour as you, have totally opposing views of the world than you do, or you plain just don’t know them anymore. Those are all perfectly good reasons to hit the de-friend button.
This may include exes (relationships and friendships), that one kid from your first grade class that moved away that is apparently a closet racist, someone who uses social media to force their beliefs on other people, etc.

Now that being said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and it is their Facebook page, not yours. It is up to you how you want to proceed – but I have compiled a list that will help eliminate any uncertainty and help guide the way to clarity!

Now Let’s De-clutter Our… Friend Lists On Social Media! 

If you find yourself doing/thinking ANY of the following
… de-friend that person IMMEDIATELY!

  • If you find yourself navigating to their page to belittle their beliefs, posts…
  • If you disagree with someone’s post to the point of wanting to argue with them…
  • If you often find yourself navigating to their page to “find out what they’re up to”, yet no longer speak in real life (for a reason)…
  • If you cringe every time you see their posts/profile pic…
  • If you’re still a “friend” with them out of politeness…
  • If you honestly don’t like them in real life…
  • If you’re only friends with them because you feel the need to “keep up an image” of false social media popularity…
  • If you use someone else’s page as a “spying” medium… (ie. an ex’s sibling in hopes of seeing a photo of your ex)
  • If you use someone else’s page as a 3rd party “spying” medium… (ie. staying “friends” with someone that your best friend hates so that she can hear about all of the things that person is doing/did.)
  • If that person no longer has any value or place in your life….

It’s TIME! 

If you are exhibiting any of the aforementioned behaviours (even just ONE!) towards someone, your mental and spiritual well being is much better off without them in your (digital) life. Save yourself some time, energy and patience by de-friending those who fit the criteria. It might be hard at first, depending on who exactly you’ve de-friended (ex. no longer having anyone to spy on), but trust me when I say it is worthwhile! It doesn’t seem like much at the time, but if you were to put all of the time you spent creeping other peoples pages into one chunk, I am sure it would span at least a day’s time, if not more. Imagine what you could do with that time instead! I bet you anything it would be a lot more productive. 😉

See you all on Monday!


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