Why Meditate? – Why Wednesdays

Meditation can be a powerful tool that can change your life!
It’s easier said than done – but when performed often (daily is optimal!), meditation can change your outlook on life, quiet your mind, transform your thought patterns and help you get to know the true you.
The great news about meditation is that whether you’ve never meditated before, or you’re already on the meditation train, anyone can benefit from just one practice. “Getting good” at meditating is similar to a muscle in the body – the longer you work with it, the more toned and stronger that “muscle” becomes – which enables you to go deeper into the practice.

Most people can relate to the follow scenario…. Let’s say you decide to try a fitness move (or dance move, sports drill, painting style, yoga pose, presentation style, make-up style, etc.)  anything new involving you! Perhaps you’ve never done it before or have never been able to do. Typically’s one’s mind starts it off – “I am going to try _________”. You’ll do your research (ask someone how to do it, search online for some Q&A/videos, etc.) Then, you give it a try. The results may vary – maybe you fall on your face, realize half way through it wasn’t a good idea (get into the move/pose but can’t “get out”), or perhaps you complete the pose only to realize you were doing it wrong, you do a decent job, or maybe you’re able to complete it just as intended.

Either way, congratulations!! Trying something new is a big step on the road to change and progression.
A lot of people don’t like change – myself one of them, more so before than now. I changed my way of thinking and realized change is important. One can never achieve their dreams or goals without some change.
A terrible but true example – losing weight requires change. Even if you decide to not change your fitness and health regimens, but elect instead to just get some kind of surgery, you still need to have some type of change enter your life so that you are able to get the surgery. If you decide to just take diet pills, taking a new set of pills every day is still a change in your life!

Anything and everything can change, most under your control, some not.
In order to stay sane and feel empowered in your life, it is important to welcome change into your life, go with the flow, and remember nothing lasts forever.

Meditation is a great tool to help embrace change and get your life going to where you want it to be.

Meditation can even help with the following:

  • It can help control anxiety
  • Ease depression
  • Lessen physical pain in the body
  • Aid in letting go of the past
  • Much, much more (those are just some of the benefits I personally experience with the help of meditation)

Before I meditated and was curious, I always wanted to find a great “How to Meditate” post, and though I found some good ones, I never quite found what I was looking for. So I wrote this one! 🙂

How to meditate

  • Find a comfortable place that isn’t your bed
    I typically like to meditate in my living room on the floor (on my yoga mat).
  • Wear something comfortable that isn’t going to distract you.
  • Your comfortable place must be quiet, both visually and auditorily. (though you can wear headphones)
  • Sit in a comfortable position or lay down. (I’ll typically do a few minutes of slow yoga to relax a little before I get to it, but I eventually lay down. I have a hard time sitting without constantly correcting my posture, so I lay down.)
  • Quiet your mind. Anything that comes up (work, relationships, worries, etc.) must be silenced and left for later. The time you meditate should not be used to consume worry and fear.
    Think of a librarian at an elementary school. Their shush game is on-point. I get benefit from using mantras (a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation), which can be repeated to yourself everytime something comes up (A great one is “Quiet Mind, Quiet Body.”)
  • Meditation is not a one dosage cure all. Practice and patience are important. You must make time in your day and make it a priority.
  • Now from here, there are a lot of variables – I’ll lay it down by “expertise” level.

If you’ve Never Meditated Before/Are new to the practice:
There is no time like the present to start this rewarding practice!

  • Choose a guided meditation.
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you cannot fully “get into it”. It takes a lot of practice and time to be able to listen without distraction.
  • Do not choose a meditation longer than 20 minutes. (An hour is too long to start off).
  • Meditate anywhere but your bed. It will make you want to take a nap/go to sleep.
  • Stay sitting up.
  • Stay committed. Just like anything else, you may fall a few times before you get it. Practice and patience are great practices.

If you’ve meditated before and want more:
This is the section where you’ve definitely meditated before, and are feeling pretty confident with keeping your thoughts and worries at bay…

  • Practice a meditation to share love with the world, and with yourself. Practice different meditations with intentions and goals.
  • Try different postures and get into what feels most comfortable for you.
You meditate often (aka you got this!):
If you’re able to control your mind while meditating and are able to stay focused without the help of a guide, try the following…

  • Meditate to some healing vibrations
  • Create your own intentions and goals and send them out to the world!

Originally posted November 25/15.


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  1. anisakazemi says:

    Thanks so much for this post!

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    1. Sam says:

      No problem!!!! Hope you enjoyed it! 😊

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