Why I don’t use conventional tampons & pads, and Why you shouldn’t either – Why Wednesdays

This post is for my ladies! If you’re a man – read on anyways! You know at least one woman!
I see you making the healthy choices, taking care of your body… but what about when your moon cycle rears its’ ugly head? Most of us were raised on tampax/kotex/always, not knowing any better.
With the internet being an infitnite source of information, you no longer have an excuse to not know – conventional tampons and pads are TOXIC!
Since these items are considered medical aids – companies with products in the feminine “support” department are not required to release the ingredients  list for their products – and most choose not to disclose the ingredients list… shady, am I right?
Our lady parts are very sensitive. The skin surrounding the area is very thin – and will absorb whatever is around it. Ie. if you’re using chemicals around your cooch, or are wearing dirty panties – your lady parts will absorb whatever’s kicking around (bacteria, dirt, chemicals, etc.)

Also remember any toxic junk hanging around is sure to affect you in some shape or fashion. There are even some claims that these chemicals are helping create cancer in the body, as well as other maladies.

See yesterday’s post for an alternative!

My experience:
I’ve always had a sensitive lady part. I realized around the age of 17 or so that tampons weren’t doing me any favors. Every time I’d use one, I’d get inexplicably bloated, feverish and groggy, among other things. I opted to use just pads, which is kind of a pain for a 17-year-old (and still to this day!), but I knew it was the right decision.
Almost instantly, I found most of my bloating went away (at least this type of bloating, I suffer from other troubles that cause bloating, so it’s not 100% gone!), my “fog” lifted, and my fever went away. I then did some research and found out about the dangers of typical pads on the market.. so I switched to organic cotton pads, and on occasion, the diva cup, and have further helped myself out of the toxic hole that is typical period care.

If you’re still using “regular” tampons.. do yourself a favour. Read the symptoms for toxic shock listed on the little pamphlet that comes with each package of tampons. I bet you’ve experienced at least one of the symptoms listed while having a tampon inserted into your body, whether you want to acknowledge it or not.
Consider all of the times you wore a pad and got a bit of a rash/irritation….

Ignorance is not bliss! Share this with your lady friends and family!

A few videos to illustrate my point: 

You’re a damn adult and can do whatever you want – though education is power! 🙂 Can’t say I didn’t warn you…

What I use:
I use natra pads and the diva cup!

Originally posted December 9/15.

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