Natracare pads – Tue-Review

This post is dedicated to my females! Even if you’re a male, you know a lady!
Ensure to share this with everyone you know who may be affected (aka almost all females!)

My body rejects conventional tampon brands, and pads aren’t much better. If there are chemicals/undesirable ingredients, my body will find out, and react accordingly.

Through my local organic grocer, I found the natracare brand. I like the idea of 100% organic cotton, compostable, plastic-free “aids”. We all hear about the pesticide and GMOS going into our food, but what about other products used day-to-day? Our moon cycle comes every month, and requires assistance via various products. What we expose our bodies to affects us directly.

I recently found out conventional tampon & pad companies take advantage of their “medicinal devices” label, and actively avoid releasing the ingredients list. SHADY, am I right!? (see tomorrow’s post for further details on this statement!)

This week I review natracare pads. I am not much of a tampon fan (my body rejects them), but can testify for their pad products!

Here’s what I think….

Natracare Pads (Feminine Care)


  • GMO-Free
  • No shady ingredients ( no perfume/dyes)
  • A variety of shapes/sizes to fit your every need
  • Absorbable
  • No wasteful packaging
  • Long-lasting
  • Don’t budge from where you stuck it
  • Compostable/Biodegradable
  • Comparable to conventional pads

  • No outside packaging
    Good for the environment – bad for purse/travel
    Work-around: Place pads into a plastic baggie.
  • Thicker than your average non-health conscious pads (in my experience).

Final Verdict: A worthwhile investment! 4.5/5 stars
Though there are a couple of downsides, it is more than worth-while to try natracare products!
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Originally posted December 8/15.

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