Monday Giveaway! A Four Part Christmas Celebration!

I really wanted to get into the spirit of giving this year – I am blessed to have more than enough, though I know others cannot say the same.

For the weeks leading up to Christmas, Mondays are the days of giveaways! YAY!!!
I have four giveaways planned for my super fantastic readers and fans.

Winners will be announced on the following Friday (see below for more deets on the time, etc.)

The rules are as follows:

on either my facebook page or my instagram page….

  • You must like the photo announcing the giveaway (will be posted today, a new giveaway being announced every Monday following until the final giveaway, which will be announced on December 21st.)
  • You must be following either my facebook or instagram page (the place where you liked it or both would be even more nice. :D)
  • Tag one friend (or more!) in the comments section on the giveaway photo, perhaps someone who you think would like to enter as well.
  • Finally, share the photo/post to your followers/friends list. If you’re using instagram: please tag/hashtag the post with #vvrgiveaway . If you’re using facebook, just share the post from the original post on my page. 🙂
    Sharing is caring, am I right?! 🙂
  • You can enter any and all giveaways, even if you already won a previous week, though you can technically only enter once a week.
  • Winners will be selected at random – but if the selected person does not qualify*, I will re-start the random selection process.
  • Open to applicants in the US + Canada only (due to’s shipping for the gift option)

You have until the following Friday morning to complete your entry.
Winners will be announced around 12 pm MST/2 pm EST. I will then private message the winner and confirm which vegan cuts box they would like.

This giveaway’s winner will be announced on December 4th, around 12 pm. 🙂

* does not qualify = has not completed the rules of the giveaway. You must like the photo, follow my page, tag a friend and share the photo (on Instagram, also tag the photo #vvrgiveaway) to qualify for any and all giveaways.

Second announcement (not as exciting, but worth noting…) – I will be taking a break from posting recipes this December, and will only be posting on Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays (Monday Giveaways, Tue-Reviews & Why Wednesdays). Winners of the giveaways will be notified via social media. I am doing this so I can take time to enjoy my holidays with friends and family, and not feel stressed or pressed for time.
I promise you that come January, I will be back in it and better than ever! 🙂
I appreciate all of your support, loving comments and likes thus far friends – stay tuned! 😀
Originally posted November 30/15.
UPDATE to original post(s) – February 25/16.
I did four giveaways in the month of December. I am not going to repost each weekly post because that is a darn waste of time. 🙂
I gave away – two beauty boxes from, a beauty box  and a 20$ gift card to whole foods. 🙂
Here are the posts for each winner!

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