GT Dave’s Synergy Kombucha – Tue-Review!

Kombucha is great for a lot of things – including digestion, gut health & detoxification.

If you’re about the soda life – it’s a great transition beverage to get you off the pop for GOOD! – with benefits to boot… (heads up – pop/soda has 0 benefit to your health. If anything, it’s detrimental – stop drinking it ASAP!)

My experience: I stopped drinking soda a while back, at least a couple of years now. I’ll have soda once in a blue moon – (I’m talking like 4 x a year or so).  I’ll be honest though, sometimes I miss the carbonation. Coming from a former diet coke addict and all around soda lover, it’s hard to let it go. I’ll be honest – there was a time that soda was all I drank, and I also remember a time that drinking 12 in a day was nothing. It took me a few attempts to quit, but I can say I am mostly soda-free for most of the time! Drinking Kombucha 2-4x a month has really helped me move past the addiction of soda.

It’s not just the carbonation though, it’s the lasting health benefits that keep me going! The taste is also something that keeps me coming back. 😉

Kombucha is defined as “a beverage produced by fermenting sweet tea with a culture of yeast and bacteria.

Consuming fermented “foods” is very helpful to aid digestion and various other bodily funcitons. 🙂

I’ve tried a few different brands of Kombucha – but thus far, GT Dave’s is my favorite. So without further ado – here is my review!

GT Dave’s Synergy Kombucha

  • Delicious
  • Available in a lot of different flavours
  • Cultures are still present
  • Organic
  • Raw
  • Reasonably priced  (approx 4$ a bottle)
  • Readily available at most grocers
  • Owned by millennium products, inc. (Small business)

  • Sometimes the culture chunks are a bit much (this is unavoidable)
Final Verdict: A must-have! 5/5 stars
There are so many different flavors that you’re sure to find something you like. Plus, the health benefits are undeniable, and is worth the price tag! Drink up! 😉

Available at most grocers (Safeway, Save-on-Foods, etc.)
Just a heads up, I have not received any compensation for my comments.

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Originally posted December 1/15.

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