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Microwaves – most of us have them in our kitchens. In fact, one of the first things I “needed” on my journey to adulthood (moving out) was a microwave. At this point in time, I was still on a microwave diet – lots of tv dinners, etc. Anything reheated was done in the microwave. Need cheese melted? Microwave. Defrost/cook veg? Microwave. Lunch at work? Microwave. It’s safe to say it was my go-to, and practically ruled my life.
Some of the thoughts when I first heard microwaves were illegal in certain countries in Europe (which later proved to be a myth) were typical:

  • “How do they live?”
  • “They must be so patient, everything takes forever in the oven.”
  • “Can you even cook frozen mac + cheese in the oven?”
  • “Sounds like a lot of extra work”
  • and finally “I wonder why they are illegal?”

I then quickly dismissed the thought of any concern and moved on, like I did in those times if something made me feel uncomfortable. I’m definitely glad I changed my ways, woke up and continued on the path I’m on now!

Before we get into things, I suggest researching how microwaves work: explainthatstuff.com is a great reference if you need a refresher, or plain just don’t know.


So what’s the big deal? Why are microwaves so terrible?

  • Microwaves kill all nutrients present in the food you’re cooking.
    When microwaves are created, the particles vibrate and create friction, which causes rapid heat. The price for rapid heat is quick cell, and in turn, nutritional damage. An example – breastmilk heated in a microwave greatly reduces the vitamin b12 present prior to heating (we’re talking 30-40%), as well as most of the other nutritients present. Microwaves can also help bacteria multiply faster. :-S  It turns the food that was supposed to feed your cells into toxic, hard to digest sludge, which wreaks havoc on your organs.

A great little video about a water experiment using a microwave vs boiled filtered water.

  • Being cooked with plastic or even the food itself being cooked in the microwave can add carcinogens to the food, which in turn will be consumed by you. Carcinogens are cancer causing substances!!! Anything cooked with the food will transfer some of itself into the food. An example – the water formation on the inside of the plastic wrap is laced with chemicals and other questionable happenings.
  • The microwaves are not good for your body. There is a reason one does not sit beside a cell tower all day, or choose to live by a nuculear plant….radiation isn’t cool! It just plain isn’t good for your makeup. I can also say that working at a telecommunications company for a living – we always advise against having a microwave near your modem/router as the waves conflict with each other. You are already exposed to so many different frequencies and other types of radiation in a day (both voluntary and non-voluntarily) – you certainly do not need to have another, especially since it falls under the category of voluntary! Now, I won’t disagree that wireless internet is not also something that can affect the body. But that is something we can discuss at another time.

I found this video really interesting and can help explain the point of microwaves being “not good for your body” better than I can.

Microwaves are pretty embedded in our society. Even at my last job, at a furniture bank and retail store here in Edmonton, one of the things provided to the individual was a microwave. There were/are microwaves at every work place I’ve ever been employed at. Restaurants and fast food places use microwaves on a lot of their products. Schools have microwaves. These things are everywhere!

Another great video explaining more in detail the concerning effects of microwaves. I’ll admit this guy is a bit much, and to add, the russian government did not ban microwaves. That being said, not everyone knows everything, but he has good intentions and overall has a great message with a lot of great research to boot.

So where do I go from here?
I have now been microwave free for over a year, and greatly dimished my use over the course of 2.5-3 years. This is also in line with my veganism* (over three years now)
*with occasional cheese indulgence – we’re talking less than 5 percent of my overall weekly consumption, if any.

But I digress – When people find out I don’t use microwaves, I get a lot of questions (besides the obvious “why not”, which I feel I already covered), so I’ll narrow it down to the top 3.

  1. How do you heat food? 
    Typically on the stove top or in the oven. Sometimes even in the blender if I’m making soup or something. I’ve just accepted good things take time.
  2. What do you do for lunch? 
    I fell into a rut for a while of only buying lunch. A dangerously delicious (and expensive!) slope. If you’re in the financial situation to buy lunch every day, that’s great – but your money would be better spent on home cooked meals that are probably healthier. I prep my lunch the evening before (leftovers, soup, etc.), and come prepared (snacks). Typically, I’ll eat things cold or raw just due to the fact that there is no oven at my work place. I don’t mind it though, because I usually have a light lunch anyways. Surprisingly, a lot of soups and leftovers are pretty darn good, hot or cold! 🙂 If I happen to work a bit later in the day, I’ll heat it up right before work and enjoy it while still pretty warm! (I live close to my work so it doesn’t take long). I will also try to have at least one smoothie/vega/juice, etc a day to get some nutrition in.  If it’s a work day, I’m typically eating raw until dinner time, or 2/3 meals of the day.
  3. Why sacrifice taste? 
    I ask in return, why sacrifice health over taste? That to me is a very closed minded way of looking at your overall well being. I can understand if you just plain don’t like the taste of something, hot or cold. But sacrificing nutrients for taste, and in turn causing extra turmoil in my body is just not worth the “taste”.
I hope you enjoyed my view point on this piece of questionable guest in most of our kitchens, and at least provoked some thought and perhaps some questions. That is my aim of “Why Wednesdays”! 😀



Originally posted November 4/15.


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