Why you should cook tonight – Why Wednesdays

Now before I get into it – I will say the following… I do eat out at least once a week, minimum and am aware of the benefits. In my opinion, it is important that most of your meals be home cooked. Even three meals not cooked by you is only 14% of your weekly intake (if you eat 3 meals a day, on average).
I also want to note that although I eat vegan for most of the week, I do eat cheese pizza on occasion. I am aware this is not vegan, and although I don’t feel to great about it, I am finding it challenging to not eat. (Blame it on the casein?) It is the only animal by-product I will cave to (cheese, specifically cheese pizza). Nobody is perfect, and my heart is in the right place. 😉
This post is not about shaming anyone or judging, but instead was written to educate and inspire. 🙂
Why home cooked, you ask?
Well first, let’s remind everyone some of the common excuses associated with ordering food vs cooking your own food:

  • “It takes too long.”
  • “I’m not a good cook.”
  • “I don’t like grocery shopping.”
  • “It’s cheaper to eat out.”
Now let’s discuss each a bit deeper…

“It takes too long to ___________ (Cook/prep) ” 
Realistically – any reasonable place that does delivery, in my experience, typically takes about an hour – pizza aside. In an hour (or even less) you could instead have a nutritious meal that contains foods that are without question vegan, nutritious, and cooked exactly to your liking.

“I’m not a good cook”
This is also up for debate! You are what you say you are. Your attitude determines your outlook, and in turn, your success. Put your heart into it, and over time, you will learn! Trust, there was a time that my speacialty meals included the microwave, lots of cheese and processed everything. WIth time, trial and lots of errors, I have grown to be the cook I am today (which is far from perfect!). You’ll never know until you try. But – if you’re not feeling comfortable with cooking, I highly suggest following the recipes step by step. It is also important to really read the recipe. For example, if the recipe calls for 1-2 cloves of garlic, if you’re not sure what that means, google it! Do some research, and never go into a recipe unsure!

“I don’t like grocery shopping”
As a former grocery shopping hater, I can totally relate to this one. I will say this – finding a good grocery store is the key to a good experience. I sure don’t like going to wal-mart or safeway, but I really enjoy visiting my favorite grocery store Earths General Store, and I definitely enjoy grocery shopping online via spud.ca ! It also helps if you’re feeling prepared and not hungry. I have a great article that I wrote last year that really outlines how to have a pleasant grocery shopping experience – check it out here! It does not mention online shopping because to be honest, that was not an option for me at that point in time – but the benefits are obvious – ordering from the comfort of home, and delivered right to your door.

“It’s cheaper to eat out.”
Now this is up for debate, I suppose, depending on where you live and what you choose to eat (ie. I’m not talking a bunch of unhealthy fast food here). Lucky for me, I have a lot of different options for eating out here in Edmonton. Even around my work, there are 6 different places within a short walking distance that offer vegan options. There was a time where I was eating out for lunch every day, and spent a minimum of 7-10$ a day. I work five days a week, so that is anywhere from 35-50$ a week. Buying groceries for lunch alone is certainly a lot cheper than 200$ a month. If my fiance and I order pizza, it’s typically around 30$ including tip, etc. Cooking a big stir fry that translates to four servings (aka two meals for both myself and my fiance) including all kinds of veg, a carb, and protein certainly costs less 30$. I know grocery shopping can seem expensive because it’s all at once, rather than gradually, but your wallet with thank you! With all of the money you save, you should put it aside for some travel! See why here! 😀

Other pluses to eating in: Less waste (packaging for delivery) and more love (you put your emotions into the food you prepare!)

Other points to consider:

  • Considering the idea that something is potentially not vegan is definitely something I struggle with when eating out. I certainly do my best to research the ingredients before hand (and if in person, I ask) and if it is not, I certainly pay for it later (with my sensitive stomach, etc.)
  • Depending on what you eat, the way you prepare it can be crucial to sustaining/inciting the most nutritious use of the plant. Some people are not of this mindset or are perhaps unaware – and although it tastes delicious, you may not be getting the full nutritional content of the original item in question. This, in my opinion, should definitely be something at least considering, if you’re looking to take care of your body and get the most out of your food.

Lastly, nothing is worse than ordering food and it be not cooked to your liking/surprise non-vegan/missing completely. This is not an option when you cook it yourself! 😀

I hope your wednesday is everything you wanted to be – if it isn’t, just remember, today cannot last forever. 🙂

Originally posted October 28/15.

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