Why fill out a yearly questionaire – why wednesdays


There is something very special and even heart-touching about reading things written by you in the past. It can transport you into your past, remind you of past lessons learned, and help you realize how far you’ve really come.

Since 2003, I have filled out a questionnaire. I have them all saved in this special box in my closet. I’ve only missed one year!

The questions have changed as the years have gone by (I no longer count boyfriends, talk about my height or my MSN screen name lol), but the truth and memories remain. I am completely open and honest in these questionnaires, and look forward to having a large amount of years built up. My hope is that it is something I can share with my child in the future, or perhaps use it for other purposes (remembering haha).
If this is not something you do, there is no time like the present! I higly recommend it!

Here are a few examples of some of the questions I have/have had in the past on my questionnaire to get you started.

Feel free to customize and add more questions applicable to your life.

  • Age on today’s date
  • Current Address
  • How long have you lived at this address? (I used to move a lot)
  • Favorite song today
  • Favorite colour
  • Song that describes today
  • Favorite movie today (I used to do of all time but it was always the same so I changed it up)
  • Favorite perfume (I used to be a perfume junkie)
  • Mood Today
  • Favorite Drink
  • Favorite TV show
  • Firsts this Year
  • Honorable mentions this year

Hope your day is going great thus far friends!
If you have any other ideas for questions that you’d like to share – comment below! 🙂


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