Say no to excess celebrity news + advertising – How to Detox Every Day

Before I say anything else, I will say this. This post was not written to judge anyone, or suggest that I know better than anyone else. It was written to promote awareness and to “awaken” the reader, so to speak.

Today is the last edition of “How to Detox Every Day” – I can’t believe it! I hope you’ve all enjoyed each post thus far. 🙂

So anyway….Wanna hear something a bit worrying? We, on average, are exposed to over 5,000 advertisement and brands a day.
A DAY! They come from all angles – street signs, radio, online, social media, transit, television, grocery shopping, and any many more avenues.

Buy this! Try that! Don’t do this! Be that!

Advertisements create a false sense of reality. Especially when coupled with social media, it can really be a lethal combination.

It’s overwhelming just to think about.
5000 a day – how is that possible, I thought? I then looked around the room I am writing this from. I realized I was sitting among 25+ brands, corporate logos or advertisements….and that is just within view from my seat.

Another “trap” is getting caught up in celebrity nonsense. Similar to advertising, it is a media tool used to distract the general population from “real world” problems, and as a way to manipulate.

These people, although some talented/chosen, etc., often bring no real value to our lives. Sure, they may act in movies we enjoy, appear on tv shows we like, songs we sing along to, or sports we enjoy watching, but this does not take away from the fact that they personally bring little to no extra value to our lives. They may not even do any of those things, and are merely just someone we follow online solely to lust after their lives/bodies/relationships, etc.
When it comes to the celebrities in the news…the media portrays these complete strangers as friends, often referring to them only by the first name, to make things more personal. It’s a known trick used often – because it works!
The truth remains though – these people are not our friends. They are not someone who we can relate to on a personal level. We will never know them personally. Being like them will not necessarily make our lives better.

Not to mention, I can’t even imagine being on their side of things…

  • Can you imagine if people talked about you to break the ice with, or to relate to others? (ex. “We both hate Bieber!”)
  • If people acted as if they knew you, with never having met you? (ex. “Jen really needs to find a man soon! tick tock!”)
  • If someone treated you as if you were “your job”? (ie. a role they played, etc.)

Some of this exposure is unavoidable – but a lot of it is excess noise that can be cut out of your life.
It probably won’t be easy, but is definitely worth it.

Why? What is the benefit of avoiding this stuff?  
Cutting out this excess noise from life will free up time for you to concentrate on YOUR life, YOUR goals and YOUR body, etc.. Besides, when you’re 80, you won’t give a shit about what the Kardashian Klan was up to in 2015.

I’ll admit all of these may be tough for you to try, and may require a bit of willpower, depending how deep you are into the celebrity “world”. My suggestion is to try a new tip a week, adding on to the previous weeks, until you’re totally free! Or you could even try tackling one social media site/app a week. Slow and steady worked best for me – but if you’re not about that life, try them all today! You’ll be surprised how much more focused you’ll feel.

  • On facebook on the right-hand side – there is a news feed – X out the ones that have to do with celebrities  and their personal lives (ex. pregnancy annoucements, parties, etc.) – I usually just say “I don’t care about this”. It’ll be less of a temptation to click in.
  • Be honest on your social media accounts when you’re being advertised to. If there is an advertisement that you don’t want to see (for me like 95%), dismiss/report it. It will help clear things up a bit. Although you’ll still get adverts trying to target you, at least it might be something more worthwhile (organic coconut oil ads vs celebrity bs, I’ll take it.)
  • Unfollowany/all celebrities that aren’t bringing any extra value to your life. A personal example:  I follow snoop dogg on instagram because I want to know about new music, and he happens to also post funny videos once in a while. I do acknowledge he does promote and advertise on his page. On the flip side, I do not follow any of the Kardashians because none of their products bring any value into my life.
  • Unfollow all celebrity bloggers and gossip sites. I’ll admit this is a tough one, but when done gradually, you’ll find it easy to remove the excess noise from your social media feeds.
  • Unfollow all “body goals” and “fitness goals” pages on social media. This is another form of false idol (celebrity) worship, and is not healthy. Those pages are often just a bunch of soft pornographic shots with a bunch of advertising. Your body will never look like someone else’s, and vice versa.
  • Do a mental inventory of the tv shows you choose to watch. Ie. watching mindless reality tv that really has no point. I’m talking about those shows that are just product-laden commercials with no depth or true “point”. (Ex. That show “Dash Dolls” – they work in a retail store and live fake lives full of “stuff” (products, etc.) … in my opinion, this show as no “point”.)
  • Practice self-love. Every time you catch yourself lusting after what someone else has (car,job,relationship,life, etc.), shut it down with this mantra: “Everything I need is within me.” I typically will repeat this mantra a few times until the thought passes. Remember – you’ll never see the world through someone else’s eyes. You may think you know, but you probably have no idea. 🙂

Reminder: Your life is yours! Stop living vicariously through others, and start living your life! 🙂

Originally posted November 10/15.


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