Nuts about Nuts? A serving size guide

Us vegans can use all the help we can get when it comes to protein and fats – and nuts are the perfect addition to any snack or meal!

I used to log all of my food and found it very hard with most apps to figure out what exactly a “serving” was. I don’t have a scale and found it tiring to constantly look it up.

I found this handy guide on approx how many nuts are in a 1 oz. serving and am sharing it to the masses! I may not track my food any more, but it definitely comes in handy!

  • Almonds (20–24)
  • Brazil Nuts (6–8)
  • Cashews (16–18)
  • Hazelnuts (18–20)
  • Macadamias (10–12)
  • Pecans (18–20)
  • Pine Nuts (150–157)
  • Pistachios (47– 49)
  • Walnuts (8–14)

Learn more (and on how to roast the aforementioned nuts in the oven, microwave and over the stove top) at Food Reflections via the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Originally posted December 1/14.


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