How To: Collard green wraps

This can be tricky as hell – the bigger the better but work with what you’ve got.

  1. Cut off excess stem.
  2. This is the tricky part!!! GENTLY roll the leaf forwards and back until you can almost fold it in half – Impatience will sometimes leave you with a ripped leaf – no worries though! You can probably still use it – just be careful!
  3. Get the rest of the leaf in on the bending action – and roll it into a perfect circle.
  4. Now that’s it’s all lose and limber – add filling (the picture is the aforementioned ginger cashew chickpeas + greens + rice + cauliflower recipes)
  5. Gently bring the stem side to the middle of your filling, and then pull up the left and right side of your leaf so it’s hugging your stuffing. Gently move the stuffing around until more of a “roll” shape”.
  6. Keep rolling stem side down until you have a nice roll! YUMMMMM.



Try to keep it snug and eat when you’re ready.
I made 2 wraps and had them for lunch one day with a side of pecans.

Originally Posted November 12/14.

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