Great Infographic on How to Store your Groceries!

Just when you thought you were done…. you finished your shop and now it’s time to put away.. *sigh* sometimes it can feel like a big question mark? Where do I put this? 

Luckily, I came across this super great infograph! Super helpful and one of the most useful things I’ve come across online as of late. Pardon the non-vegan stuff at the bottom. This is courtesy of – I personally saved it to my pinterest and phone to pull up at a moment’s notice. I’m forgetful sometimes and it’s to have such a great quick reference. Nothing feels better than opening the fridge after a good grocery sesh and seeing everything in it’s placed, wrapped up properly. YAY! Mission accomplished.

The Infographic is pretty lengthy – so to see the full infographic – click “read more” below.


Originally Posted November 3/14.


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